Use The Full Service Travel Benefits Of Aarouteplanner

December 3rd, 2012

AARouteplannerWith the AA route planner, there is no getting lost while on vacation! We have all done it – taken the great steps to explore the wonderful sites of our destination just to be going in circles for hours trying to get to that spectacular destination! The route planner maps out your directions so that you do not get lost.

What is AA Route Planner?

The route planner is just as the name implies. It is an easy to use direction finder that provides detailed directions which include each turn and each street. The navigation system used is Google Maps, and is stress-free and hassle-free, and will help you to easily map out your direction. The planner offers many features that make every trip seem like a cake walk; even those that you thought would be impossible to find the way.

Cross Country or Local

The AA route planner is not just for long trips- it is ideal for short, local trips or those long, lengthy trips. Suppose you are packing up the car, and heading cross country with the kids. The last thing you need, especially with the kids in the car, is any additional time spent on the road. This tool is great to give you turn by turn instructions that will take you to your destination in the shortest amount of traveling time possible. It is also great for local trips. Suppose there is a new mall that has just opened across town and you are not quite sure the best way to get there. The planner will provide you with the timely directions and ensure that you don’t get lost. You won’t only arrive at your destination in a timely manner you will arrive at your destination using the least amount of gas! The AA route planner is designed for everyone that drives- even those that know their way around town.

Theres is something great about being behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether it on a short trip or a long trip, especially when there’s no chance of getting lost! The planner offers much more than just street specific turns, it also offers a time and distance calculator and real time traffic updates. There is also a map that is easily read and customizes directions. What the route planner is, is all the ingredients for a successful road trip!

Reverse Route

Well, the AA route planner definitely gets you to your destination in a timely and fuel efficient manner. Now, it is time to go home and you feel the tension starting, once again. If you had been going the old route of a traditional map, you’d likely have all the twists and turns highlighted and then just follow the highlights in the reverse direction for the way home. Well, the planner lets you do this only it will reverse the directions for you. What this means, is once again, you have a stress free road trip that is going to get you home in a timely and fuel efficient manner. If you happen to have a route planner on your cell phone then it is a mere matter of accessing the AA route planner and you’ll be able to find directions while on the road. It is just a mere matter of plugging in your destination and getting the results.


The AA route planner is definitely something that you don’t want to pass up when- even when you are sure of your way there. Whether you’ve been taking the same route for years, jump on the net and access Google Maps and you might find that the route planner offers an entirely new way of getting there that saves you time, and gas. For long trips, it is ideal, as you can access the net and plan your route before you head off on the road. Once you find yourself at your destination, and ready to come home, you can easily access your cell phone and get the quickest directions back. The Google Maps route finder is designed to save time and money and gas, as well as, lots of headaches behind the wheel. The best part of the AA route planner is that there is no cost to access it.

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